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Help for Business Entity Type / FEIN

Help for type of business entity

Select the business entity type that describes the type of ownership of the business, which you are registering. The business entity must be the Nevada employing unit. In general, an “employing unit” means any individual or type of organization, including any partnership, association, trust, estate, joint-stock company, insurance company, corporation, receiver or trustee in bankruptcy.

The descriptions for the “Other” business entity type would include trust, estate, receivership, co-owners (includes husband/wife joint owned businesses,) labor, labor organization/union, etc. If you select the “Other” business entity type, you will be required to submit a short description of the business entity.

Special note regarding “common paymasters”: A “common paymaster” is a corporation that is treated as a single employer of employees who are concurrently employed by a group of related corporations.

Although some states permit reporting by a common paymaster, Nevada Unemployment Compensation Law does NOT recognize the common paymaster. Wages must be reported, and contributions paid on wages up to the taxable wage limit, by each employing unit for which services are performed. Each legal entity is a separate employing unit.

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Federal Employer Identification Number Information

The nine-digit Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service for reporting Social Security, Withholding Tax and Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA).

For information on obtaining a Federal Identification Number, contact the Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-829-1040 or visit their website at Should the Federal Identification Number change, a new Nevada Business Registration is required.

The Federal Employer Identification Number is used to certify the timeliness of quarterly report filing and payment to the Internal Revenue Service under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act.

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What is the Nevada Business Identification

The Nevada Business Identification # is a unique number assigned to every business entity in the State of Nevada when a State Business License or Exemption is obtained from the Secretary of State’s Office at The Nevada Business Identification # assigned to a business entity will follow the example format: "NV20081006344"

Why is the Nevada Business Identification # Useful

The Nevada Business Identification # will enable you to locate your business entity at any State and local agency via this one ID. Disclosure of the ID is voluntary at this time.

How Do I Find My ID?

To find your business entity by Entity Name, click here. Once you locate your business entity, you will see the associated Nevada Business Identification #. If you cannot find your business entity, you may need to register your business entity with the Secretary of State’s Office at Note: By entering a Nevada Business Identification #, you agree that the ID you enter is correct and you assume responsibility for the correct entry of the ID.

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If assistance is needed, contact the Internet Nevada Business Registration Help Desk at (866) 429-9758