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Welcome to Nevada's
Unemployment Insurance (UI)
New Employer Registration

If you have already started a registration and wish to continue your Saved registration, click here .

The Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation, Employment Security Division, wants to make starting your business as easy as possible. Online registration is part of our effort to simplify your registration process and help you get your business started and on the road to success.

If you pay compensation to individuals for their services, you may be liable for Unemployment Insurance (UI) taxes. If you are liable for UI taxes, the online application enables you to obtain an Employer Account Number to ensure that your quarterly UI tax reports and payments are credited promptly and accurately. For more detailed information regarding the Nevada Unemployment Compensation Program, you may click here to view the Employer Handbook.

Note: You will not be allowed to register more than 30 days in advance of your first anticipated payroll


You Can Register Online if:

  • You paid $225 or more in wages during any calendar quarter.
  • You have already paid wages to Nevada employees or will within the next 30 days.
  • You acquired the organization, trade or business, or substantially all of the assets of a subject employer.
  • You are subject to the Federal Unemployment Tax Act and had any employees in Nevada.
  • You are a domestic employer and paid $1,000 or more in cash wages during any calendar quarter.
  • You are an agricultural employer and paid $20,000 or more in cash wages during any calendar quarter OR employed 10 or more persons for some portion of a day for 20 days or more, each day being in a different calendar week, during the current or preceding calendar year.
  • You are a nonprofit organization and employed four or more persons for some portion of a day in each of 20 weeks during either the current or preceding calendar year.
  • You are a Governmental or Political subdivision of the State of Nevada.
  • You wish to voluntarily elect to pay state unemployment taxes even though you do not meet any of the minimum criteria, which make it mandatory that you pay the taxes.

Important Information About Registering Online

  • You can save your registration at anytime during this process. You may return at a later time and complete the registration. However, the registration must be completed and submitted within 30 days or all of your information will be lost.
  • You will have ample time to complete the data required for the online New Employer Registration. However, for security reasons, if each screen is not completed within a reasonable period of time, a "time out" occurs and you will be disconnected. If the registration has not been saved, you will lose the information you have entered.
  • If you have difficulty using the online registration, please see our technical/legal information or browse our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Preparing For The Registration Process

It is important that you have on hand all the necessary information (listed in the following paragraph) prior to beginning the online registration process. We suggest you print this page prior to beginning the online registration.

You Will Need The Following Information To Complete The Registration Process:

  • The type of business entity and Federal Identification number.
  • Information on owners, partners, officers, managers, or members including names, titles, addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth, and percentages of business owned.
  • Date the business started in Nevada.
  • Payroll information such as the date the business first paid wages and the total quarterly wage amounts, the date the first worker was hired in Nevada and the amount of first Nevada payroll.
  • The mailing address for the business.
  • The trade name (DBA) and the physical address of each business location in Nevada.
  • Knowledge of the principal business activities of the business.
  • If the business was acquired from a previous owner, you will need information regarding the previous business owner (name, address, date the business was acquired, type of acquisition, and Nevada UI Employer Account number, if known).

After you have completed the online registration, you will be given a Tracking Identification number and further information about your registration. If you are successful in completing all the required information and the business is determined to be liable to the Nevada Unemployment Insurance Compensation program, you will receive a Nevada Unemployment Insurance Employer Account Number.

Once a Nevada UI Employer Account Number is assigned, you may visit Confidential Services and perform other online functions such as Tax and Wage Reporting, Online Payments, View/Update Account Information, etc.

If you need further assistance in completing the Internet New Employer Registration, please contact the "Help" desk at (866)429-9758.

Please note: The registration must be completed in English.

Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation

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